March 28, 2023 0 Categories Press Releases

Astrea Connects 100 Customers with Fiber Internet in Platteville

Astrea Truck in Platteville Astrea Install in Platteville Astrea Construction in Platteville

PLATTEVILLE, WI – Celebrating its 100th customer in Platteville this week, Astrea continues to make progress deploying fiber throughout the community. “This has been a key goal for us” said Cory Heigl, Vice President of Astrea. “The winter months slowed us down and now we’re ready to move things into high gear. We look forward to making life better for lots of folks in Platteville as we continue to activate areas throughout the community.”

Astrea’s intent is to have the fiber project completed by mid-summer. Fiber placement crews will begin soon in the western and central portions of town. “We have a lot of clean-up to do behind the crews from over the winter,” mentions Cory. “This process is messy and we have some catching up to do as weather and ground conditions allow.”

“The Platteville community has been extremely receptive to us,” explains Jessica Kuhn, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Everyone has been supportive and welcoming.” Astrea has over 300 people on the waiting list, with dozens signing up each week. Scheduling is now open to all areas of town for which Astrea fiber Internet service will be made available, and the pace of installations will increase throughout the spring and summer.


Visit us online to see if your address is eligible for Astrea fiber Internet service.