Max bandwidth to bring the entire business footprint together.

With hundreds of miles of screaming-fast fiber Internet, local hospitals, credit unions, construction companies and school systems can connect at the speed of thought.

Enterprise Business Services

Astrea enterprise services deliver our most bullet-proof Internet, TV and Phone offerings. Along with 24-hour premium concierge service, you get:

Direct Internet Access

with dedicated IPv4 and/or IPv6 subnet protected by multiple upstream peers.

E-Line Point-to-Point Transport

with dedicated, low latency direct transport from point A to point B.

E-LAN Point-to-Multipoint Mesh Transport

with dedicated, low latency transport between multiple sites – each site having access to every other site.

E-Tree Point-to-Multipoint Hub and Spoke Transport

with dedicated, low latency transport between multiple sites – the main site having access to all secondary sites, and the secondary sites having exclusive access to the main site.

E-Access Point-to-Point Multi-ISP Dedicated Transport

with dedicated, low latency transport to or from one of our many partner service providers.

Cellular Backhaul

providing an E-line or E-LAN circuit specifically designed to withstand traffic backhaul from cellular towers.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) Peering

with a multi-upstream, peer-protected, low latency path to the Internet. An ASN (Autonomous Systems Number) assigned by ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers) is required.

High-Definition TV with Unlimited VOIP Phone Systems for Business

TV that takes on the most extreme weather blackouts plus Voicemail, Caller ID, Speed Dial, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding – Astrea office phone systems are completely unrestricted.

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