Not another gadget to manage.

Astrea Juice untangles the hairball of home tech. Instead of monitoring everything independently, you are granted supreme network control.

No tech junkie certification required.

Astrea Juice Plume device animation


Your WiFi “learns” where and when it’s needed most, automatically ebbing speeds in low-usage areas and fire-hosing them to high-usage rooms. This is especially dreamy when having device-dependent friends and family over.

Parental Controls

Restrict user access without tanking your own. Astrea Juice makes it easy to set Internet usage limits and block content on specific devices. Meaning you can keep your kiddo’s laptop G-rated while streaming Die Hard on your tablet in bed.

Astrea Juice parental controls smartphone app screen
Astrea Juice AI security smartphone app screen


Automatically shut down suspicious activity from malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and crypto-mining. Easily monitor network threats and quarantine compromised devices.


Turn your smart devices into motion sensors to track expected and unexpected activity throughout your home. This is extremely helpful when looking out for aging parents, or preventing surprise house parties while you’re away.

Available with Astrea Internet plans

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You might be wondering…

What is Astrea Juice?

Astrea Juice is an Adaptive WiFi solution powered by our partner, Plume. Plume is a technology company that is on the cutting edge of WiFi experience for customer homes.

How much does this cost and what does it include?

Costs start at $15 per month on top of your internet plan. Search your address to ensure coax internet is available near you.

Your subscription includes 1 pod, your modem, advanced WiFi management via the Plume app, parental controls, online and device security, and adblocking.

How many Pods do I need for my home?

Generally, 1 pod can service up to a two or three bedroom home. Larger homes may need additional SuperPods to cover it.

Is the app free?

Yup! This app is included with your Astrea Juice home WiFi package. Download it on Google Play or the App Store on Apple devices.

Why is the app provided by something called Plume?

Plume designed the technology and concept that powers Astrea Juice. They are above and beyond the most trusted home network platform in the industry.

Can I manage my Astrea Juice network remotely?

Absolutely. Using our Astrea Juice app makes it easy to manage your network at any time.

Do I need to install the app?

Yes. Installing the app gives you full control of your home network. It is also required if you are doing a self-installation of the Astrea Juice equipment.

Can the app help me troubleshoot my connection?

Definitely! You’ll get a visual map of all the devices connected (or not connected) in your home to pinpoint any potential issues. You can then troubleshoot specific devices without having to call in for support. Win-win!

What can I do with this app?

You can set parental controls on specific devices, track user or
location level, monitor expected and unexpected motion in your home, and
establish guest WiFi login credentials. You can also enjoy increased
device security with automatic adblocking protection from malicious

How does Astrea Juice protect my home devices?

Astrea Juice protects your homes devices through Plume’s AI Security
suite. Plume does behavioral analysis on the devices and checks to see
if there any anomalies outside of the device’s daily usage. If there is
an occurrence outside of your normal activity, Plume’s AI Security will
notify you while blocking the connection and quarantining the device.

What devices are compatible with Astrea Juice?

All of your WiFi enabled and capable devices should be able to connect and be visible on your Astrea Juice network.