Most people use a fraction of their home phone’s abilities.

Consider this your crash course in call forwarding, online voice management and more. We’ve also provided a few suggestions if you’re having technical issues.

Phone Resources

Basic Phone Navigation

Did you know you can forward your calls to a different number? Learn about all of Astrea’s home phone services.

Calling Features Glossary

We’ve compiled an easy reference guide of the home phone codes available to you, including transferring a call to voicemail, setting up call forwarding options or enabling caller ID.

Portal Guide

Learn how to make full use of your online voice management portal, like controlling who can contact you, how they will reach you and when. You can also access settings, users and devices currently utilizing your home phone services.

Telephone Features Guide

With the basics covered, you can now spend a few minutes learning how to customize your settings. This guide outlines each of the features available, what they do and how to set them up.

1. Do I have to keep my local phone service provider?

No. You can utilize your VoIP phone service as your primary means of phone service.

2. Can multiple phones be used with the VoIP service?

Yes, you can use multiple phones with the VoIP service by using multiple jack extensions, cordless phones with extra handsets, wireless phone jacks, etc.

3. How many phone lines are supported by the VoIP?

In residential instances, up to 4 telephone numbers are supported. The basic and standard service packages come with 1 telephone number. Additional telephone numbers can be provided for an extra fee.

4. Can I take my existing telephone number with me to my VoIP Service?

Taking your telephone number with you to any VoIP or telephone carrier is called Local Number Portability. Here are some helpful hints if you want to take your telephone number to your new VoIP service:

  • Do NOT terminate your service with your existing company. It is best to wait until the number is ported to terminate service with your existing phone company.
  • Be aware that when terminating service with a wireless company, you may be obligated to pay any early termination fees under your existing contract. Also, when terminating service with any company, you are usually required to pay any outstanding balance owed.

5. What kind of quality can I expect from VoIP?

Generally, you won’t notice a difference between a landline phone and a VoIP phone. However, if the internet is extremely congested, there could be a degradation of quality in specific but rare instances.

6. Can I surf the web during VoIP calls?

Yes, VoIP allows web surfing while making and receiving VoIP calls simultaneously.

7. Is the VoIP service difficult to setup?

No, your service provider has technicians and tools that will set your VoIP service up and automatically provision the devices that connect to your home telephone wiring to make the VoIP service work.

8. How do I access Voice Mail?

Simply dial *62 from your home telephone. You can also dial your telephone number and press * when the messaging system answer, then follow the instructions.