Live TV, on any device, literally anywhere.

Catch This Is Us on the porch or The Goldbergs in your hotel bathroom. Astrea offers four cable TV deals with built-in features like TV Everywhere to take your viewing rituals beyond the couch and home.


Basic channels

All your primetime favorites.


Choice channels

Includes the Basic package with 60+ total Choice channels.


Plus channels

Includes the Choice and Basic packages with 200 total Plus channels.


Ultimate package icons

Includes the Plus, Choice and Basic packages with 250 total Ultimate channels.

Channel lineup varies by market.

Add TiVo and TV Everywhere

Create the ultimate viewing experience with the ability to pause and rewind live TV and watch your favorite shows as they air on any device. At home or on the go.

TiVo logo

Three great service options from Astrea!




*Subject to service availability