Astrea Juice. Powered by Plume.
August 31, 2020 0 Categories Press Releases

Astrea launches new Adaptive Wi-Fi software Astrea Juice powered by Plume for unparalleled user experience

August 31, 2020 


Astrea launches new Adaptive Wi-Fi software Astrea Juice powered by Plume for unparalleled user experience. 


Astrea has launched a new software system, Astrea Juice powered by Plume, that will help customers receive unparalleled user experience through Adaptive Wi-Fi, AI Security, HomePass, Parental Control technology, and Motion Detection.  In addition to the software itself, Astrea Juice offers other benefits to the customers, such as the Plume app which allows users to access, understand and control insights from throughout the home. Astrea Juice spreads Wi-Fi across the entire home distributing full, high-speed internet from the existing modem to every corner of the house. It not only assists in making Wi-Fi faster, but also manages your Wi-Fi at all times based on insights like how many and what kinds of devices are connected to the network and measures adaptations to your environment.  This adaptive Wi-Fi technology will enhance the home network experience.  


“Astrea Juice is the culmination of a variety of product research and testing to ensure that we could deliver a world class Internet experience. The partnership with Plume will allow us to bring a better Wi-Fi signal through the home via Adaptive Wi-Fi services, AI Security to protect the devices on the network, camera-free motion detection system ‘Plume Motion’, and the ability to manage it all from the palm of your hand through the Plume app on mobile or tablet devices,” said Astrea Marketing Product Manager Chris Flanick. “We are already providing the speeds, and with Astrea Juice we will now be providing the technology to help the consumer take their network usage to the next level.” 


For $15/month, you will get access to the following features and kit: 

  • Setting up yourAstrea Juice device and account in minutes. 
  • Full visibility into speed and performance.
  • Notifications to security features such as motion detection.
  • Parental Controls on device usage.
  • Easy and secure guest access to Wi-Fi.
  • One modem and one SuperPod(Starter Kit) 


For additional information, check out the product information page on the Astrea website at: https://astreaconnect.com/astrea-juice-adaptive-wifi/

Astrea helps connect over 60 small communities, throughout Wisconsin & the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to family, healthcare, work, education and entertainment by providing high-speed internet along with TV and Phone services. Astrea has built an extensive infrastructure that offers Astrea communities unprecedented rural internet speed offerings ranging from 50mbps up to 1Gig.