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Call of Duty Warzone Issue

To our Astrea Call of Duty Warzone fans:
It has been brought to our attention that many of you are running into disconnection issues while playing Call of Duty Warzone.
After digging into this further, we have found that this is a widespread issue within the game itself and Activision is working to fix this problem.
This has been addressed by Joe Cecot, a Co-Design Director for Infinity Ward via Twitter. To view the thread, click the link here: https://twitter.com/inotlxghts/status/1273784060360437761
While this issue is not something that we are able to fix directly for you, we would still like to help in any way we can to get you back to playing the game. Here are a few options that may help you get things back up and running:
  • Contact Activision support directly using this link: https://support.activision.com/contact-us
  • Reference forums regarding the infinite loading screen on Warzone. There are many forums that can be found on this subject as this has been a known issue for users globally.
We hope that these resources will help you in getting back to playing Call of Duty Warzone as soon as possible