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Everything You Need to Know About a VPN and Your Internet Bandwidth

When it comes to working from home and your Internet connection, you just need the connection to be fast and reliable. If you find yourself frustrated with your Internet speeds from time to time when you have to connect to your company’s VPN network, there is a good possibility you don’t have enough bandwidth the support that connection. Read on to see just how much a VPN connection can impact your Internet speed.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN adds security and privacy on public networks like hotspots, WiFi connections and more.


Who needs a VPN?

Usually, you’ll need to be connected to a VPN if you’re working from home and your business requires a secure connection to access company related files and information.


How does a VPN impact bandwidth?

Being on a VPN can be necessary, however, connecting to one will generally degrade your service speed and bandwidth by about half. For example, if you have 100mbps service, on a VPN, you will see speeds around 50mbps. Additionally, if there are two people working on VPNs in the house, this will degrade the service even further.


Connection issues on your VPN?

First you should check with a co-worker, or several, to see if they are also experiencing issues with the VPN. Generally, when there is increased use of the VPN in your company, the VPN tunnel can get bombarded with users resulting in a poor experience. Check with your IT department to identify the size of the VPN tunnel to ensure that they have prepped the organization with enough bandwidth for the VPN tunnel.


If you’re working from home and need more bandwidth because of your VPN connection, our team is ready to have a conversation about your needs. Connect with us today!