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Glidden and Mellen to become next Astrea Gigabyte internet communities.

IRON MOUNTAIN, MI– Astrea, a division of CCI Systems, Inc. has partnered with Norvado through a Wisconsin Public Service grant, to bring fiber backed cable high-speed internet offerings to the Glidden and Mellen communities for the first time in the coming months.  


As of Summer 2021, Astrea will be offering high-speed internet to residents in the Glidden and Mellen communities for the first time. These communities are currently receiving TV services from Astrea that will also be upgraded to enhanced digital services. After the upgrades have been completed, the Glidden and Mellen communities will have access to internet speeds ranging from 50mbps to 1Gig available to them.  


“We are extremely excited to add Glidden and Mellen to the list of Gigabit communities we serve,” said Cory Heigl, Vice President of Astrea. “Our mission is to bring superior internet service to our rural communities that are often forgotten by larger providers. We continue to invest in bringing faster speeds to our rural markets including the launch of Gigabit speeds in additional communities such as Glidden and Mellen this year” said Heigl. 


The internet offerings in this area were made possible through a Wisconsin Public Service grant awarded to Norvado and partnered with Astrea to bring faster internet to the communities of Glidden and Mellen. These speeds will allow customers to enjoy speeds that are typically only found in big cities. With the availability of up to 1 Gig internet speeds, Astrea customers will have better access to work and school from home, shop, stay in touch with friends, games, and enjoy online entertainment options.  In addition, the network upgrade will also allow for enhanced digital TV options for customers in this area including expanded channel offerings. 


About Astrea 

Astrea currently helps connect over 60 small communities throughout Wisconsin and Michigan to family, healthcare, work, education, and entertainment by providing high-speed internet along with TV and Phone services. Astrea has built an extensive infrastructure that offers Astrea communities unprecedented rural internet speed offerings ranging from 50mbps up to 1 Gig. Astrea maintains retail store locations in Crivitz, WI and Oconto Falls, WI. 


To learn more about Astrea visit https://astreaconnect.com/who-we-are/ or to find services near you, visit https://astreaconnect.com/internet/.  


About Norvado 

Norvado believes the greatest things in life are those that bring us closer to each other. Where our own world is elevated by staying connected to what we desire. Norvado’s mission is to deliver leading technology that allows the Up North lifestyle to keep a strong connection to the world. Life is better in the Northwoods. That’s why in 1950, Norvado set out to make it the very best. By bringing cutting edge technology to Northern Wisconsin, Norvado is able to keep communities connected, vibrant, and competitive with big-city offerings. The only difference? Getting to do it where we love to live. Surrounded by nature. For the greatest neighbors. For over the last 70 years. And Norvado is just getting started.  


To learn more about the upgrades coming to the Glidden & Mellen communities, visit https://go.astreaconnect.com/glidden-mellen .