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February 18, 2021 0 Categories Education, Online Security, Uncategorized

Why Should I Get Astrea Juice if I Already Have a Router?

You already have your own router at home, and maybe your router is doing the job for you too. Or maybe its not and you wish your internet was working better at certain times or in specific areas of your home. But if you already have a router, then why should you get Astrea Juice? Isn’t it the same thing? The answer to that last question is no. Astrea Juice is a whole home adaptive Wi-Fi solution packed with extra features to give you and your family the best internet experience possible. Below we will dig in on all that Astrea Juice has to offer that your typical router can’t do for you.

Evenly Distribute Wi-Fi Across Your Home

With your regular router, your Wi-Fi is not always being evenly distributed across your home or your devices. Juice will manage all of your devices for you, no matter where you are in your home and give you the best service possible. Have a dead spot in your home that you normally have problems getting service to? With Astrea Juice this problem can be easily solved so that you can experience high-speed internet in every corner of your home, not just close to your router. With the Astrea Juice app, you’re also able to see what devices may be using up your internet while you’re not even using them. From there you can stop these devices from using up your internet to allow you to get better service to the devices that are actually in use.

AI Security

Astrea Juice watches out for suspicious activity that could be lurking on your network. By constantly monitoring your network for threats, Astrea Juice can help detect the bad stuff like malware, ransomware, crypto mining, or phishing attempts that could sneak into your network, shutting it down for you automatically. With Astrea Juice watching out for you, you can feel more comfortable using all of the devices in your home.


Motion Detection

Astea Juice gives you  peace of mind with motion detection. By allowing you to turn your devices into motion sensors, Astrea Juice learns your regular habits, and alerts you when something seems off. Whether you’re away on a work trip and want to make sure your teens aren’t having too much fun without you, or you want to be sure its just the dog roaming the house while you’re at work, Astrea Juice is there with motion detection.


Parental Controls

From making sure you can still find that dinner recipe while keeping the kids off their devices during homework time, to making sure your tween is keeping it PG while you enjoy a good thriller, Astrea Juice has you covered. Parental controls allow you to restrict specific users and activities while still keeping the ones you need.  It’s never been so easy to keep the kid’s safe, while still giving the parents what they want.


At Astrea, we’ve got your back. And that’s why we’ve introduced Astrea Juice powered by Plume. To learn more about Astrea Juice visit our designated Juice information page here.  To find out what options are available to you, visit us here or give us a call at 1-800-236-8434.