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Astrea builds and maintains broadband Internet infrastructure exclusively for small-town families and businesses. You chose this life to stay close to the things you love. It’s on us to keep you connected to the things that move you forward.

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Astrea is proud to serve more than 60 communities throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Headquartered in Iron Mountain, MI, we understand what it means to be there for your neighbors.

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Bigtime speed for small-town life. With easy pricing plans and speeds up to 1 Gig, people in Crystal Falls, MI to Platteville, WI can enjoy the same hyper-fast connectivity as people in Chicago. And all with no data caps or usage limits.

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Falling asleep to crickets instead of police sirens has always meant tradeoffs with Internet reliability. Astrea has established the necessary Internet infrastructure to maintain strong, steady connections.

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