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Top 6 Causes and Solutions for Slow Internet Speeds

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds, these 6 causes and solutions may help improve your speeds and get them to where they should be. There are many potential reasons for slow internet speeds, and this guide will help uncover and narrow down the cause. In addition, we recommend running a speed test by using speedtest.net. Simply follow the steps to ensure you’re getting the speeds you purchased.

6 Causes and Solutions

1) Updates

Your modem, router or device may need an update. First, check if your device has the most recent updates. This may be done differently depending on what device you’re using. In most cases, a device can be updated by going into the device settings. If it has the most current update, you may need to contact us at 800-236-8434 to find out if your modem or router needs an update.

2) Number of Devices

The number of connected devices, including background devices, may be causing speed interruptions. In addition, using aggressive applications, like Netflix, may be using up your bandwidth, especially if there are other apps running at the same time. To resolve this, you can power off devices when you’re not using them. Another solution is to upgrade your speed package to better accommodate your amount of devices.

3) Usage

Sometimes, your use of internet connection can be too great. Different ways you use the internet require different amounts of speed and bandwidth. For example, gaming or streaming require significantly more bandwidth than checking an email. To resolve this, make sure nothing is streaming in the background when you’re not using it. If you often experience slow speeds while gaming and streaming, you may need to upgrade your speed package.

4) Modem/Router

It’s possible that your modem or home router needs a firmware update. Contact us at 800-236-8434 or use our app Astrea Diagnose to find out if your modem or router needs a firmware update.

5) Device Capability

The device you’re using may not be capable of your desired speed. Depending on how long you’ve had your device, it may be outdated. Some older devices don’t have the capability of keeping up with todays Wi-Fi speeds. If this is the case, it may be time to upgrade to a newer device.

6) Dead Spots

Certain spots may yield faster speeds than others, and some spots can even go completely dead. To resolve this, you may want to consider our Adaptive WiFi – Astrea Juice. Your WiFi “learns” where and when it’s needed most, automatically ebbing speeds in low-usage areas and fire-hosing them to high-usage rooms. This brings internet to rooms that would otherwise be dead spots in your home.


After running a speed test, you can narrow down the cause of your slow internet. You can use our Astrea Juice app to check what devices in your home are using up speeds, check the current speeds you’re receiving, as well as view your speed history up to a month back. It’s possible that you’re experiencing slow speeds even if the test says you’re getting the speeds in your package. If so, it’s likely one of the following: too many connected devices, your usage requires more speeds, or dead spots. It’s also possible that you’re not getting the speeds in your package. If this is the case, your modem or router may need an update.

Contact us at 800-236-8434 if you’d like to increase your internet speed package or if you need additional help correcting speed related problems.

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