Scalable plans from people who live in your world and rely on your business.

Astrea is 100% employee owned and operated. Instead of appeasing far-off stakeholders, we work to connect the restaurants, daycares, boutiques and nursing homes our families depend on.

Along with 24-hour premium concierge service, our small and medium business solutions provide:

Launch/Startup Connection Assistance

if you’re not sure what you need.

High-Speed Internet starting at 150mbps up to 1Gig

to withstand any number of laptops/internet juke boxes/teenagers.

Advanced VOIP Phone Systems for Business

with Voicemail, Caller ID, Speed Dial, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding – Astrea office phone systems have all the features to meet your needs.

Static IP

for the remote office/server access we all need come winter.

Email Service

for single or multiple accounts – we walk you through the entire setup.

High-Definition TV

that can take on the most extreme weather blackouts.

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