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Why Was Wi-Fi 6 Afraid of 7?

Technology is always changing, and that includes the Wi-Fi framework that all of our devices rely on to function. Over time, new updates to Wi-Fi are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and then products that can use the new standard are made available. Devices being made today at times still support Wi-Fi 5 at the highest. Astrea operates primarily on Wi-Fi 5, with an eye toward newer standards.


Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 was first introduced to consumers in 2019. It offers a modest improvement to total bandwidth but drastically increases the amount of bandwidth that can be effectively used by each connected device. Most cell phones and higher-end consumer electronics are now compatible with Wi-Fi 6 and can also operate on lower Wi-Fi versions.

Wi-Fi 6E

A mid-generation update called Wi-Fi 6E was certified in 2021, and its main benefit is the addition of a new band at 6 GHz (in addition to the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands already in use). The 6 GHz band can be used for dedicated connections for certain devices. New mesh network routers introduced in the past couple of years can use the 6 GHz band to directly communicate between access points on a fast and clear dedicated channel instead of fighting for space on the other bands, resulting in an improved Wi-Fi experience throughout one’s home or office.

Wi-Fi 7

US households continue to add new and upgraded devices to their networks. They also want better online experiences between 4K HDR streaming, video calls, and large video game download sizes to name a few. The Wi-Fi Alliance has begun certifying Wi-Fi 7 devices which offer (you guessed it) faster download speeds along with other benefits such as lower latency and a better quality connection overall. Wi-Fi 7 relies heavily on the new 6 GHz band and doubles maximum channel bandwidth. It will take some time before new devices that can fully utilize Wi-Fi 7 are released.


Early adopters get to enjoy the features of new Wi-Fi standards but often pay much more to do so. We hope you find this information helpful as you consider the possibility of upgrading your connected devices in the future!


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